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By visiting this webiste or by submitting any information on this site, you agree to the following privacy policy:

Key terms

PII – Personally Identifiable Information. Information that can be used to uniquely identify you online or offline, including name, email, phone number, address, etc.

Contact Information

Any personal contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, that are submitted through a contact form on this website will not be used for any other purpose other than transmitting communications to you about Willie’s campaign, his positions, mission, and how you can help. Additionally, it may be used for the purpose of enabling us to optimize the effectiveness of Willie’s campaign.

Analytics Use

We utilize analytics software provided by Facebook and Google to help further promote Willie Billings as a candidate for Utah’s House District 71. 

Analytic providers, such as Google Analytics and Facebook, use information that you have shared with them in combination with information about how you use our website and interact with us on social media to determine how effectively we are connecting with the people of District 71. We may also use information you share with us that has been anonymized/aggrigated (such as a hash of your email address) in addition to aggregate data provided by Google and Facebook to further refine the accuracy of our analytics and improve our ability to advertise Willie’s campaign effectively. Your activity on our site will only be shared with Google and/or Facebook if you have configured your personal settings on their services to allow them to use your online activity off of their respective sites. In either case, regardless of your settings, we cannot use this information from Google and Facebook to directly identify your actvity off of, and on, our website unless you specifically provide your information in connection with a specific action. (For example, if you submit a form with your name, we at least know that you viewed and submitted that specific form, even if Google or Facebook tells us we have a certain aggregate number of form submissions.)

We will not attempt to identify you through the use of personally identifiable information (PII) that you share with us through the process of combining it with aggregate data provided by Facebook or Google unless you have given us explicit, affirmative consent to such identification methods using the information sources for such an identification information merge.

We will not disaggregate information that Google and Facebook sends to us.

If you wish to manage your preferences for how Google Analytics uses your activity online, you may click here.

For information about Facebook’s off-Facebook privacy settings, click here.