The Issues

See where Willie Billings stands on some of the most important issues to the residents of Southern Utah and this great country.

My Beliefs

  • The US Constitution is a divinely inspired document that is not, and cannot be out of date.
  • The 1st and 2nd Amendments are NON-debatable.
  • I truly believe that I am constitutionally and fiscally conservative.
  • I am adamantly against abortion, except in instances where the mothers life is threatened.
  • I believe those who govern closest to the people, govern best.
  • I believe those who live, recreate, work, and ranch on Utah lands are the best people to manage the federal lands within Utah. That ownership of Utah lands should be transferred back to our state, where Utahns would have the right to that management.
  • Utah is losing its time-honored tradition to look to the people and listen to their voice. I am committed to upholding and strengthening that tradition.
  • I will stand up and lead out on issues concerning personal property rights, public access to state and federal lands, preserving habitat for wildlife and ranching, and improving public and private education opportunities.
  • I have owned Billings Financial Group for over 30 years. I have hired and trained hundreds of investment and retirement planning experts. I understand personal, business, and government budgeting and how they are manipulated. I also know the discipline and mental toughness it takes to identify and cut spending.
  • I believe our most precious resources are our children. School teaching should be regarded as one of the most prestigious careers.
  • Education funding must be at the point of productivity, including the teachers salaries and classroom budgets.
  • I believe parents know what is best for their own children, and should have the freedom to make the choices they deem best in terms of their child’s education.
  • I believe it is as important, if not more so, to evaluate and eliminate bad, out of date, or nonsense laws and regulations than to create new ones.
  • As vice chair of the Utah Republican Party, I fought against SB 54. It is wrong to use the Republican name, but bypass the elected delegates ability to vet and choose the party candidate. I WILL NOT GATHER SIGNATURES to be on the ballot. I trust in the Utah Caucus Convention System.
  • I will always keep myself available and approachable with an open door policy. I believe lawmakers need to hear the voice of the people, in order to best represent the people.

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"I believe in term limits. The longer incumbents are in a position, the more power they gain, and the more they lose sight of what the people really care about. I will not base my votes at the Legislature on re-election. My interest is to stay in the position for 3 terms, which is 6 years."

– Willie Billings

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