My Commitment

See what Willie Billings is committed to in his run for Utah House of Representatives District 71.

I Commit to You

  • I am not a politician. I am just trying to do my part by looking out for all families in House District 71.
  • I was instrumental in getting the necessary signatures for the referendum against the Utah State tax increases in Senate Bill 2001, which resulted in the tax being repealed. Spending should be cut, rather than adding new taxes.
  • I believe in term limits. The longer incumbents are in a position, the more power they gain, and the more they lose sight of what the people really care about. I will not base my votes at the Legislature on re-election. My interest is to stay in the position for 3 terms, which is 6 years.
  • I am interested in representing the people of our district and will be in constant communication, making myself available to everyone, utilizing an open door policy.
  • I will form a master mind alliance with trusted citizens in our district, to keep myself close to the people and their voice. 
  • I will keep our district informed on upcoming legislation, gather feedback, and listen to opinions from all.


  • I have the ability to bring people together and maintain relationships as we work together to make Utah the best place on earth to live. 

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"I will always keep myself available and approachable with an open door policy. I believe lawmakers need to hear the voice of the people, in order to best represent the people."

– Willie Billings

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