Your US patent data needs,
all in one place
Track published cases from your phone,
anytime, anywhere.
Need to look out for competition?
Have your competitors' cases in your back pocket, and receive updates when the status changes. This knowledge may help to inform your business and patent filing strategy.
Innovative Search Function
Search, add and remove cases
easily by entering the serial numbers.

A list of titles and serial numbers auto-populate,
allowing a case to be identified quickly based on the subject matter.
Advanced Portfolio Management
Create a list of cases and monitor the examination progress. Cases are grouped by applicant; see a snapshot of their latest events. Keep the cases close to you, on your phone at all times.
Cross Platform Patent Management Software
No access to your laptop or desktop? Public PAIR not available? No worries, the cases are available on our app 24/7. Track cases from your phone, anytime, anywhere. Great for travels and share/train rides.
Complex Timeline
View a timeline of events for each case. Also available is a grand timeline of events for all cases. Navigate easily between the grand timeline and each case.